February 2017
We give a big workshop for 45 teachers from 35 schools. It were schools for mental handicapped pupils or schools with a special need class.
The meeting was in Shaloom hotel in Kisumu , it were two days from 9 o’clock till 4 o’clock.
We used the material we also use in the schools. Most of the material are now made in Kenya by the carpenter class of Lutheran school. The bags are made by the sewing class of the Lutheran school.
First day after introduction we talked about reading, picto reading and writing. By each lecture was first a presentation with power-point, than a movie made in the schools we already work and then the participant worked them self with the materials.
In lunch time and tea break the hotel took care for food and drinks.
Last day were lecture about counting from 1 to 3, counting over ten and paying money. In the afternoon was a demonstration from pupils from the Magadi school. They showed that with this material pupils with a mental handicap can learn to read.
The teachers from the schools were the program was done told about their experience. Everyone was enthusiastic. So they told about pupils who did not talk but after starting working with picto reading they started talking. Pupils who who started to pay and to read and how glad they were they were able to do that.
Every participant got the instruction manual, the book: I read teller by letter, a picto reading book and the four reading books.
It was a very successful training. There was showed that pupil with a mental handicap really can learn to read to count and to pay money. And that the material for teaching mental handicapped pupil is now available in Kenya.
By the second visit in May 2015 a small workshop  was given at the Lutheran school.
It was a one day workshop organized at Lutheran special school hall. Each special school and special unit from Kisumu sent two teachers we had a total of 25 teachers attending the workshop  We conducted the workshop and demonstrated how to teach counting, reading and using money. We worked with groups we had made at Lutheran special school. The demonstration was successful, the teachers were shown how to teach reading, numbers and using money in such a short time it was all amazing. Our advice to the participant was ‘ go and do the same in your respective schools to fulfill our motto- Learning for everyone.’
February 2017
May 2015

Meeting for head-teachers.

A meeting in a hotel for the head-teachers from schools for mental handicapped children or school with a special unit.
It was a one day meeting.
There were 30 people. There was spoken about all facets of learning. The materials were showed and they used the materials by them self.
It was a good meeting, everyone had the meaning pupils with a mental handicap can be though.

Congress :
3rd biennial international conference on inclusive education.
Theme: Inclusive Education as a Strategy For Achieving Sustainable Development Goals 2030

1e day of the congress
Plenary Presentation: Netty Engels
Evidence Based Practice in Inclusive Education; A case Study of Peetjie Engels.
Netty and Peetjie spoke about Peetjie live. How she was raised, schools, sports, clubs. And her live now. Full integrated, working on a school as assistant of the teacher, playing clarinet in two orchestra’s, driving a car and living in her own house. Pleetjie played on her clarinet.
Peetjie ended her speech with: Please go on, don’t stop.
24 June till 8 July 2017

2e day of the congress
Plenary Presentation: Netty Engels
Learning materials for learning with Intellectual Disability in Inclusive Class.
Netty told about her work in Kisumu, about the 15 schools they are working. The start position, that there was nothing done with reading, counting, paying money. The results they have after 3 years working were showed in a video. Pupils who are reading, counting and paying. All with a mental handicap.
The materials were showed and the way of teaching was told.
PIT Kenya
Personal Integration and Therapy