Start PIT Kenya
Stichting PIT is a non-profit making small Dutch Organization started and supported by the Engels’ family. They have a daughter with Down Syndrome whom they raised intensively, she attended a regular elementary school, a  high school, and graduated.
Their  daughter is called Peetjie. Peetjie lives a very independent life and functioned on a very high level .Peetjie works as a teacher assistant in a regular elementary school and has her own house and car.
After seeing the success of their daughter with Down Syndrome, they decided to work with children with mental disability. They learn children the most important skills for their lives. They train behaviour, social living skills and more specifically they  teach reading, counting and using money for their cognitive development. they  developed their own method of teaching because there was no appropriate method for teaching, reading, counting and using money for children with mental handicapped.
After successfully training in The Netherlands they decided to expand their training to other parts of Europe . They have worked for 17 years in Czech republic, in Slovakia, in Italy. Hungary and Belgium and of course in the Netherlands.
Their greatest example and mentor was Prof Feuerstein from Israel whom they visited, when they were told that their daughter, who was 10 years old, was not able to learn more. They  went to Prof Feuerstein and they were touched by his method.
The Engels family worked together in all the countries they visited, Wil, Netty and daughter Peetjie.

Their first visit to Kenya was in October 2014
In October 2014 they were two week in Lutheran special school for children with mental handicapped.

May 2015
There were back in Kisumu and worked two week on the Lutheran school. They worked with the pupils with the programs they made in Holland and it was very successful. Teachers from other school came to the Lutheran school and they saw that pupils with mental handicap could learn to read, to count and to pay

October 2015
This time they visit Kisumu three weeks. They worked at the Lutheran school but also
on three other schools with special need classes
Magadi primary school
Kosawo primary school
Pand Pieri primary school

May 2016
(three weeks)
2 new schools
-St Anne Ahero Primary School
-Rabuor Primary school
They were in all schools they visited before.
They made contact with
- The Maseno university, Faculty of education, Maseno university special education,
--Leonard Cheshire Disability (Integration project)

February 2017 (three weeks)
Visiting all school  involved in the project
4 new schools:
-Obinju Kanyakwar Primary school
-St. Vitalis Nanga Primary and Nursery School
-Disciples of Mercy Academy
-Obwolo Primary school
2 days meeting for 45 teachers (from 35 different schools)
Set up constitution: Personal Integration and Therapy PIT, with an bank account at the Berkley’s bank.

June/July 2017  (two weeks)

-Visiting all 10 schools and make video about progress

-1 day meeting for 30 directors of schools

-5 new schools:
Neverland-Nursery school
Levi’s Haven-special school
St. Monika Ombanka- special school
Kowuor-special need group
Joy land- school for physically handicapped

-International congress, university from  Kisumu, 2 times a session plenaries

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