Picto reading
Start for pupils who have no idea about reading. Show them that a printed word has a meaning.
They learn English words.
For pupils who are not talking you have to start with picto reading. Work with a group and give every pupil a turn to speak.
I read letter by letter
Reading book 1,2,3,4
A new reading method. On every page only one letter is learned. With the letters they have learned words are made and mostly there is a picture of that word.
When they have learned 5 letters, by every page is a part in the reading book. Only the letters the pupil knows are used. There are 4 reading books.
Method  to learn to count and knowing what the number means. First to 3, than to ten and ten over ten.
Paying with Kenya shillings.
Method to learn to pay when the pupil is not able to do mathematics.
PIT Kenya
Personal Integration and Therapy