The name of the Organization shall be Personal Integration and Therapy  (PIT) a community based organisation.

The said organisation shall be non-profit making organization with its main partner Stichting PIT (Holland)
A. To support teachers or leaners with mental handicap professional development through training
B. Develop teaching/learning resources to support learners with mental handicap
C. Create awareness on matters of disabilities.
D. Offer good care and support at given times to learners with mental handicap.
E. To use appropriate teaching/learning methods to enable learners with mental handicap to acquire practical skills which will make them useful members of the society.

Activities of the organization
Train teachers on the best teaching methods for the leaners with mental handicap for that situation.
Develop teaching /learning materials.
Involve learners with mental handicap in the development of support materials for learning.
Organize sensitization programs in the society.
Give instructions for learners with mental handicap.
Carry out monitoring and evaluation of project activities.
Give feedback to partners organizations on matters pertaining to the activities of the organisation.
Training learners with mental handicap on practical skills like carpentry, sewing, taking care of the environment and agricultural skills which they would use after school.
Carry out follow- up programs to ensure that the learners continue to be useful members of their respective societies.

Office Bearers
Mr. Richard Omondi- Chairman
Mrs. Phoebe Kitoyi-  Vice -chairman
Mr. Mark Odhiambo-  Secretary
Mrs. Lilian Abonyo-  Assistant secretary
Mr. Ibrahim Odhiambo- Abila Treasure
Mrs. Netty Engels -Trustee ( PIT Holland)

The trustee (from PIT Holland) shall be a party to all important decisions made by the organization for the first three years and shall be a signatory to any bank transaction made by the organisation

There will be no remuneration but reimbursement to members for any cost incurred on work done for the organization.

The total text of the constitution can be asked at the contact address.
Founders PIT The Netherlands & Kenya
Prof. R. Feuerstein
Foundation of  PIT Kenya with the advocate
Members of the foundation PIT Kenya
PIT Kenya
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